Don't call it a comeback

How I learned to quiet self-doubt and build consistency. I want to tell you a story about myself, and through the process, describe how I've come to use consistency to avoid disappointment, kill doubt, fight depression, and reduce burnout. July 2013: Eight months after suffering a minor stress fracture in my foot brought on by experimentation with "toe shoes" and more likely low calcium intake and way too much Gangnam Style, my running was hitting stride again. Again. I've come to despise that word. My running story goes way back. Some of my earliest and fondest memories are of r…

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A Tale of Two States

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Modern Responsive Design (illustrated with Ember and Flexi) This is a cross post of blog post I wrote and published for IsleOfCode on March 11, 2016 here Author's Preamble I was very tempted to name this post "the state of CSS is Awesome", except that the state of CSS is not awesome. This post is very "tale of two cities in nature". When it comes to layouts and CSS, it is both the best of times and the worst of times. The state of CSS IS awesome, but it IS also broken. CSSNext, PostCSS, ember-component-css, and better CSS practices should give us a lot of optimism for…

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